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"Don't dream your life. Live your dreams." - Miasha

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M y Journal:
This "journal" is at the moment a back-up for my LJ, now that they'll be switching styles and other stuff.
Just a chance to post even snatches of drabbles and hopefuly improve my writing by joining communities and "meeting" other fanfiction writers. I might also post some older icon/graphics, if I feel like it. ^^

Hardly anything personal get posted here - even under circle-lock - call me paranoid if you like. :) I do, however, immensely enjoy comments on my posts as well as constructive criticism. On another note, if you want to add me to Your Circle that’s cool, but please ask so I know you’re not some spyware spamming, key-logging type of person. ;)



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We live in a nice age, don't we? I love the internet, as it has brought me into contact with new people, fanfiction and totally new fandoms. ^^

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