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Title: Reevaluate
Famdom: Assassin's Creed (I/III)
Rating: T because of the fandom :D
Disclaimer: Assassin's Creed belongs to Ubisoft.
Spoilers: ACI-III
A/N: Just a tiny drabble for classics_lover (LJ) @ comment-fic. Not beta'd, so if you spot any errors, please be so kind to let me know. ;) I love feedback. ^^

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Title: Compartmentalise
Famdom: Assassin's Creed (II/Brotherhood)
Rating: T for mentions of sex and alcohol
Disclaimer: Assassin's Creed belongs to Ubisoft.
A/N: Wow, look at that I'm alive and stretching writing muscles ever so slightly. I had some spare minutes and comment-fic had a nice prompt, so this happened. I got into the AC fandom 2 weeks ago, as the games got a major discount. I've played AC2, am working on Brotherhood and have watched AC1. So, you'll find no spoilers for later games here, as I haven't gotten around to them yet. ^^; So, yeah, baby steps. Concrit welcome. ;)

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Title: Burrowing Truth
Genre: Family, Mystery, Action
Summary: Post manga by a decade. Edward had thought he’d discovered all of Xerxes’ secrets a long time ago. When Lin’s political situation has him drag Ed on one final shared adventure discoveries and intrigue await in the heart of the desert.
Rating: T
Word count: 6.000 (WIP, so will increase)
Spoilers: spoilers for everything
Warnings: sensitive topic slavery (no details), will contain violence in the future
Disclaimer: Everything FMA belongs to Arakawa & BONES.
A/N: 1) It goes without saying, but many thanks to dzioo for her wonderfully inspirational work. It's been such a pleasure to egg this fic out with you. ;) Loads of thanks also to sexkitten426 for being a wonderfully understanding and supportive beta. And for putting up with my information dumps. XD
2) I’m taking liberty with certain philosophical/alchemical terms to suit the needs of the story.
3) This is a WIP (that's the only reason the violence warning is there). It's supposed to end up around 16.000 words and it will - once I can get around to it. Don't hold your breath until summer, though. ^^; Any comments and concrit will be welcomed with an Armstrong-style hug. Hope you enjoy!

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Might as well post a link to my Round 3 FMA BigBang fic on this account too. Feedback is much appreciated. ;)

Title: Alchemical Criminal Investigative Service: Central City
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Mangaverse, AU. Central City 1910 – 1916. Political upheaval has restructured the proud nation of Amestris to a blooming democracy, where the art of alchemy is no longer glorified, but monitored for the distrust it has sown. In this obstructive climate, Roy Mustang’s investigative team must track down a familiar face, for ties to a brutal homicide case.
A/N: Numerous events of FMA canon got temporally shifted along the timeline, thus causing minor to major divergence in characters’ lives. At least, that’s the official excuse I’m using to modify some characters’ pasts. Don’t assume you know a character’s personal history until it’s revealed. ;)
To make things clear before we start off: the civil war with Ishval happened according to manga canon. Everything else – before or after that event – is up for grabs. No homunculi though.
go to evil-little-dog for being an awesome beta, and to chiiyo86 for the cool art that'll be linked once it's live.
Arakawa & BONES own everything FMA.
Additional warning:
minor character death
for everything FMA, also Star of Milos



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